We'll start with our detailed branding questionnaire. This will help us to gather important information such as your scope of business, ideal client, and what direction you're looking to head in. Once this is completed, we'll set up a virtual or an in-person date to go over everything listed in order to dig a little deeper. This is your time to tell us a little more about who you are and your passion behind it all.

After we've gathered all the good stuff, it's time for the part- designing! We will explore various direction and ideas until we create a couple of solution that fit right into your story. Each design will reflect everything we've discussed up to this point. We will send the designs over to you and listen carefully to your feedback. Once you have communicated your thoughts we will send over any refinements that are needed.

Once the final design has been approved and everyone is more than pleased with the result, we'll finalize all of the other pieces of your brand. We'll curate a branding guide that includes all of the visual elements. Then, we will send over all of the files you will need in order to successfully showcase your brand. We give you a call and go over all of the specs and make sure that you're ready to get after it!



Steeplechase did a great job of making sure that we were heavily involved when designing our logo. While other companies may give a logo based on their vision, Steeplechase makes sure that your vision is brought to life. - Old City Kitchens

Our logo is the first thing we introduced as a business and the very treasure that has taken us this far in less than one year. From constant compliments on our label design to memorable branding, it’s all we could ever ask for. Our customers love seeing this classic tradition in their homes, the backstory Steeplechase has collected into one logo and the entire branding package we carry that reflects our personal style and the tradition of the South.  Keeping our branding consistently beautiful through each product and fragrance we offer is the entirely owed to Steeplechase. They’ve set the tone for our success through every product we offer. When our customers are just as excited over our style a year later, we remind ourselves it ALL started with this logo and continues with branding. - Morgan Cox, Owner




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