Oh hey, you!

We’re Elliot & Erica, co-founders and designers here at Steeplechase Collective. With a lot of faith and prayer, we took the opportunity of launching this business together in early 2018. With a combined twenty years experience in design, our work has been featured in wedding magazines as well as brick and mortar shops. We’ve worked with clients across the country from Washington to New York, and everywhere in between. It’s our goal to serve clients above and beyond their expectations, to surprise and delight through the beautiful process of high design.

Co-workers first, then friends. That’s how we knew this duo would thrive and we’re so grateful for that! After meeting at a design firm we made the discovery that we had the same (kind of rare) dog breed, Wire-haired Pointing Griffons. Shortly after, our friendship began with doggy dates to the TN River. The more time we spent together, the more we learned we had in common- like our business background, our design aesthetic and how we’re both 2017 Alumni in Marie Forleo’s B-School.

Both of us have had our own business in the past, but it was obvious that the Lord brought us together through so much serendipity. Two are better than one (Ephesians 4:9) and we cling to that daily. Holding one another accountable and having another creative mind to work with is what makes our design what it is- beautiful, foundational and purposeful.

It is our mission through Steeplechase Collective to craft the perfect brand by cultivating meaningful relationships with clients & other creatives in order to design more collectively and bring purpose to each brand.


Our Griffons

Oskar, (Elliot), Kash, (Erica) & Evver.

Why the name?

Did you know the term steeplechase was derived from the tradition of horse racers marking their course by church steeples to stay on track? When we discovered that, it only seemed fitting that we run our business the same way- by keeping our eye on the cross. Recognizing our passion and skills come from the ultimate Creator, we seek to reflect that love and artistry in every project.