Introducing our all new

Branding Collections


We know it can be SO HARD to create a brand for yourself when:

there’s so much out there and you just can’t decide

you want to be proud of your brand and how you present your product
or service, but you just don’t have the
time to put the effort in


you know you need it, you want it, but you just don’t have the
funds yet

That’s why we’ve created these Branding Collections.
We knew we could design simple, beautiful and functional
collections that met ALL of these needs.



  • Main Logo

  • Alternative Logos

  • Submarks

  • Color Palette

  • Fonts

  • Patterns

  • Design Elements

  • Branding Board

This is everything that’s essential to get your brand started on the right foot. It’s more than a logo- it has elements for your website & a specific color palette that can translate to any platform you desire. Each collection is designed to work perfectly with your business name.




Choose your favorite collection from our shop and add it to your cart. If you’d like to preview a collection with your business name before you purchase, then simply add the “PREVIEW Branding Collection” to your cart.


Purchase your Branding Collection. Follow the instructions by including your business name and if applicable, your tagline. If you’d like to make changes to the collection, (i.e. changing the color palette) then also purchase the “ONE Hour of Revisions” and let us know what specific changes you would like made.


Look out for our email. In 1-3 business days, we’ll send over your new, professional branding package right to your inbox with all the files you’ll need!



• Are just getting started in your business

• Are on a budget

• Are overwhelmed at the branding process


• Waste money on terrible design

• Feel like you have the “ugly duckling” syndrome

• Waste time on branding


Then it’s probably time for you to get started today!


More questions? Check out our FAQ below.

What if I’d like to see a collection with my business name before I buy?

No problem! We have an add on package for that- you can preview the collection of your choice with your personal business name (and tagline, if applicable) by purchasing the “PREVIEW branding collection” package. It’s only $30 to see what your name will look like on the collection.

What if I don’t want someone else to purchase my same set?

We have created an additional package for that as well. It’s called “RETIRE my collection”. By purchasing that package,  you will ensure that no one else can purchase your same package after you.

What if I like the design, but want to change the colors?

We’ve got you covered! Simply purchase “ONE HOUR OF REVISIONS” package to your chosen branding collection. This purchase can be used for specific change requests such as colors, alignment of the elements, etc. In the “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION”  box that appears after clicking the PURCHASE button, please fill out what changes would you like to make in the design during one hour and we will send the updated watermarked files for review within 1-3 business days.