A Look into Our Client Process

Ever wonder what it would look like to work with us? We certainly don’t want to leave you guessing or assuming with something that is such an investment for your business. This article is all about what to expect when investing in something as important as branding, you need to know what you’re getting into before you put any skin in the game. What kind of timeline will you be working with? What information does the designer need? How much of your time will this require? 

We’ve got all the answers! This article was written to provide a detailed look into our client process, letting you know exactly what to expect when you book with us. 


1. Let’s Hear from You

First and foremost we want to meet you. Of course we always prefer face to face, but if we’re not in reasonable distance from one another, a meeting via technology will suit just as well. Before we start anything, we want to hear your story and understand your business in the way you want it to be viewed. We’ll ask questions like:

  • What’s one of the biggest pain points in your business right now?

  • What do you wish your audience better understood about what you do?

  • Is there anything you offer for free?

  • What is your pricing structure?

These help us to understand what we’re working with, allow us to get an aerial view of your business, and create results that are personalized for your success.

2. Branding Questionnaire

Once our initial consultation is completed, we’ll send our branding questionnaire to you to fill out. The questionnaire ensures that all the important information is in writing and in one location for our reference. It also allows us to design more purposefully for you.

3. Timeline Creation

When we receive the returned questionnaire, we’ll touch base with you again to discuss a timeline that’ll work best for your project. According to the in’s and out’s of your creative needs, a timeline usually lasts anywhere from 6-12 weeks. This time is reserved for our dedication to you and you alone. You’ll have complete access to our undivided attention. The timeline ranges from the information needed before the project start date all the way to the offboarding process and will have deadlines for each step along the way.

4. Contracts, Invoices, and Calendars... Oh My!

Legality is a thing with us. We want you to be certain that you’re getting what you’re paying for. In the best interest of both parties, we create a contract that you can sign electronically. It lists every detail of the project, the timeline we’ll all be working with, and the expectations of everyone involved. 

Along with a contract, we’ll send a calendar, initial invoice, and a list of all the items we need from you to get started. This will be done via email for your convenience. All of the information you submit as well as everything we send to you will be available for viewing in your client portal for the entirety of your project. Everything is at your fingertips.

5. Designing

When the design for your brand begins, which is the best part, we’ll take 2 weeks of time to present your first round of options to you. We’ll send the designs via email and hop on a scheduled call (via our calendar we created before hand) to present each option to you in depth, explaining our thoughts and process behind each figure.

6. Feedback

We’ll listen to your initial feedback, give you time to process all of it on your own and when you’re ready, you’ll leave written feedback on the form provided via email.

From here, we’ll make any necessary revisions, repeat this last step until you’re 100% satisfied, and proceed with the deadlines set by our timeline.

When the designs for the brand are all officially approved, we’ll have a consultation where we talk about any other projects such as web design or collateral items that will be created next.

7. Offboarding

When all parts are approved, we’ll begin our offboarding process. A final consultation will be in place and we’ll  talk in detail about everything we’ve accomplished together. In this transition to hand over the keys, we’ll train you on how to use any new tools and discuss your next steps as being the owner of a brand spankin’ new visual brand (YAY). You’ll receive all the files you may need in order to showcase your new look. These files include your brand strategy, all finalized designs for both print, web and anything else we created along the way. The offboarding process will ensure you’re fully equipped and ready to get after it!

Our goal is to onboard and offboard our clients efficiently and in a manner where they feel fully prepared to enter and exit the entire branding process. Investing in branding requires commitment from both the client and the designer. We want you to know we’re here to invest in you!

 If you’ve been thinking about investing in branding or rebranding or would simply like to know if you’re ready for branding, contact us! We’d be happy to schedule a FREE consultation with you.