Branding Success Story: The Barn at Post Oak


We talk a lot about our clients, but we thought it was time that you see our work in action, you know, for us to let it speak for itself. Today we’re highlighting one of our favorite branding stories: The Barn at Post Oak. Not only did they take our design and run with it, but because of their branding, they have built a solid foundation of followers that trust everything they do:

“Our logo is the first thing we introduced as a business and the very treasure that has taken us this far in less than one year.

From constant compliments on our label design to memorable branding, it’s all we could ever ask for. Our customers love seeing this classic tradition in their homes, the backstory Steeplechase has collected into one logo and the entire branding package we carry that reflects our personal style and the tradition of the South. 

Keeping our branding consistently beautiful through each product and fragrance we offer is the entirely owed to Steeplechase.

They’ve set the tone for our success through every product we offer. When our customers are just as excited over our style a year later, we remind ourselves it ALL started with this logo and continues with branding.” - Morgan Cox, Owner

So let’s dive right in! Below you’ll find a mini version of the branding guide for The Barn and everything it entails. We'll show you how their branding is carried over in their website and on social media, then, we’ll break each element down and tell you a little about each and why it helped to make the brand so successful. 


The Barn at Post Oak Branding Board

So above we see all of their brand elements. Now see below how they carried the color palette, type and other elements on to their branding platforms. It is all cohesive. Consistency is key!

The Barn at Post Oak Website
The Barn at Post Oak Instagram

The Client:

Morgan Cox is a creative entrepreneur that just so happened to fall into candle making. That was never the plan. She has been a self starter her whole life, mainly working in hair, specializing in cut, color and updo’s, owning her own salon. But when she started experimenting making candles for fun with her crockpot (no joke) she found a love that couldn’t be passed up and decided to make lemonade out of all those lemons.

The Barn at Post Oak is where her family grew up, a historical landmark in Simpsonville, SC that dates back to 1883. Her parents still live there today and it is the location where are the candles are poured. This isn’t just her own venture either- she’ll be the first to say that it is a business for the entire family. This brand was created out of pure curiosity, but became a chance to embrace their family history, to make the most of the present and hand their future to the One who brought them all together to begin with.

The Brand:

The Barn at Post Oak creates clean candles made with 100% American grown soy, Eco-Friendly Cotton Wicks free of harmful lead, phthalate free formulas + using only the most pure essential oils

Brand Keywords:

Clean, family, home, pure, comfort, timeless, calm, minimal

The Design Package:

Brand Identity Package: includes brand strategy session, mood board, primary logo, 2 alternative logos, color palette, typography pairing, branding board and choice of one marketing collateral item.

Logo Design:

The Barn at Post Oak Main Logo

Clean, simplistic and minimal. Did you notice any of those keywords? This logo is a representation of the candles they make and even more than that, it’s timeless. This primary logo will be able to evolve with them as the business grows. The subtle addition of texture to the typography allows this to be more than a “text logo” giving it a completely unique look.

The Barn at Post Oak Alt Logo (2)
The Barn at Post Oak Alt Logo (1)

 Alternative logos help to condense the main logo into one small mark. These alternative logos may be our favorite part of the brand. Do you see all three letters? It’s a completely minimalist look that encompasses the entire name (and it’s a long name). It still includes the texture from the main logo, tying it together. We also added in the oak leaf to help add a unique graphic element that played off the name.


 Color Palette:

color palette-01.jpg

You can see how well they use their color palette throughout all of their platforms so well. It's never all at once, but laid out clean and naturally, with only hints of the darker color here and there. 

Print Materials:

*Label Template-01.jpg
Barefoot Candle

They chose labels as their collateral item and we couldn’t have been more pleased with that choice! We created an easy to use template that uses the proper typography pairings. It adds so much to their look!

Other Branding:

Marcy Lane (finalcircle)-01.jpg

The Barn at Post Oak has since launched a new line of candles called “Marcy Lane”. Named after Morgan’s 5 year old daughter that is always celebrating life, these candles are designed to bring out your “inner princess” as she calls it. We love it! Staying in line with the original branding, we designed a more feminine side that used the same font pairings and two swatches from the original color palette.