For the Love of Type

We love typefaces.  No really, WE LOVE typefaces. As graphic designers, one of our goals is to always present our clients with unique ways to visualize the spoken word through the use of typography.  A fellow designer and business owner whom we much admire, Sarah Pattison of the Happy Envelope, put it this way:

“What’s the difference between a graphic designers and an illustrator? What makes a good graphic designer good? Nine times out of ten, it all boils down to type. Illustrators, artists, interior designers, architects, and landscape designers all appreciate color, balance, symmetry, texture and layout, but only graphic designers are absolutely crazy about typography and use of type.”

Amen sister-friend.  We enjoy every element of design including balance, symmetry and the like.  But we don’t get the same little adrenaline rush over the color orange as we do when we see type applied in a unique or beautiful way. When we step back and do a little critique of our own design (and it happens a lot) one of our biggest fears is seeing a typography rut. We’re always fighting the temptation to pick the same typefaces because we love and trust them. Sound ridiculous? What typefaces are you thinking about right now? To avoid the dreaded creative rut, it’s fun to explore what other designers are saying and doing with type.

At first, any generic search for reliable information and great work is met with a serious lack in resources. But, they’re out there! Here are a few suggestions for some great blogs that discuss and/or display type beautifully: (check out this great article on picking a typeface relevant to your projects needs),, (heart-stopping), and


Knob Creek Bourbon Whiskey

Here is a great example of what the designers for Knob Creek did using just typography. The layout is all letters and numbers applied in different styles and in a few different colors – all while still maintaining an overall cohesive and balanced look. Nice job indeed.

Even if you’re not a graphic designer, or a designer in any sense of the word, there are a million ways to have fun with type. Any trip to your local craft or home decor store will prove that.  Speaking of home decor, here’s a great source of inspiration by Real Simple magazine on decorating your space with typography.

One of the best things about typography is the fact that there’s so much more depth to it than what your eye sees right away. When we were studying Graphic Design in undergrad, we had an entire class on typography alone. It was required to become familiar and to truly understand the anatomy of typography before we could move on the designing as a whole. And this, my friend, is how our obsession got started. Check out this diagram below:

Take your time and revel in just some of the basics that go into creating a type and using it for a brand. Anyone can appreciate typography, but fair warning…as Sarah Pattison says, “…you’ll never be able to ‘just read’ anything ever again”.

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