I Do Not Like Them Sam-I-Am ... Let's Talk About Constraints.

In this day and age, almost everyone understands branding when they see it. From our favorite Chick-Fil-A example to the Starbucks on every corner, we’re constantly exposed to “themes” that businesses create for instant recognition. I remember when Target started carrying Magnolia Home. I had no clue they were being carried by Target, yet I still managed to spot their products almost immediately. Good branding...mmmm hmmmm.

But, did you know that the best franchises brand themselves not only visually, but also in how they run their businesses. In the very beginning, a company strives to create a set of guidelines. Depending on the company, these guidelines will include how food is made (we’re convinced Chick-Fil-A puts crack in their recipe), how employees dress and even how they talk to their customers. Every franchise adheres to these guidelines to ensure that each customer will receive the same experience whether they’re in Atlanta or Manhattan.

So where does that leave you? I know what you’re thinking... “seriously, I have to think about that too!” Our answer is yes, but bare with me! We’ve noticed in our conversations with so many clients that one of their biggest hangups is the seemingly endless decisions that need to be made in the beginning. This can be liberating and crippling all at the same time. Believe us when we say, we totally get that! We were there at the onset of Steeplechase. I think Elliot and I went through hundreds of names and ideas; texting each other back and forth with every new idea. It was so much fun, but exhausting even for our designer brains! So Imma get to the point. You have to focus and brutally cut through the crap (yes I said that). Some design is crap (ummmm.... clutter) and if you spend every waking hour cruising Instagram for “inspiration” you’ll feel defeated and behind before you even start.

I read an article recently that spoke about the famous Dr. Seuss and how one of his most heralded books, Green Eggs and Ham, came to be. Seuss explains that in a bet with a friend, he was challenged to write a story using ONLY 50 unique words. He recalls that having parameters was oddly empowering. This actually helped him create simply by clearing out the clutter! He was forced to tap into another level of creativity that may have otherwise never been tapped into. That’s the power of constraints. Basically branding is a constraint because it boils your business down to the utmost basics. And guess what? We recognize things more easily when they are clear and easy to spot in the crowd! Need another perfect example? Nike. Picturing that swoosh? Yah, I thought so :)

When it comes to branding your business, you don’t have to think about ALL.THE.THINGS. That’s kinda what we’re here for. And just like Seuss, we’re gonna throw constraints your way that serve to only elevate your brand even further! So don’t fear the constraints, get off Instagram and get to work. Or better yet, let us come alongside you!

Ready to take the next step? Let’s get started!