The Power of Stories

Neuroscientists say that the average human daydreams 30% of the time, unless they are watching, reading or listening to a story unfold. When we are engaged in story, the story does the daydreaming for us. As business owners, we all have things for people to do, but why is it we are never heard the way we want to be heard? Why is the response never what we intended? How many times have you thought, I wish my audience was more engaged, more invested, more responsive when I pour my heart out about my business.

Knowing this about our tendency to pay closer attention when a story is unfolding, is there something we can we do differently? And can storytelling help?

Storytelling brings vision and messages to life ... and it activates and invites others in. Noise kills more vision, products and potential than anything else. By noise, I mean the wordy, poorly constructed messages that we’re giving to our audience. People can’t understand what we need them to do because we’re messy in how we go about telling people.

We must become story tellers.

Famous writers and storytellers believe telling a story goes something like this:

There’s A Hero > Who Has A Problem > Who Meets at Guide/Mentor > Who Gives the Hero A Plan > That Calls the Hero to Action > Which Ends in Success

There’s A Hero

Who is the main character of your business? Who is the hero? Your communication style, designs, product or service is not the hero. The hero is the audience you trying to serve. The people you’re talking to. Of course we all know this, but how truly intentional are we being with each and every Instagram post?

Who Has A Problem

How does your product fit into her hopes, her dreams, her desires, her failures, her fears, her needs ... where she wants to go. Go meet your hero and learn about her. It’s all about her problems. You cannot skip the step of meeting your hero where she is.

Who Meets at Guide/Mentor

Here is where you cast yourself. Here is where you invest in them. When you place yourself as the guide or mentor to your audience, you help them on a more personal level... you help them succeed. Your involvement is crucial in the hero’s success.

Who Gives the Hero A Plan

Much like Professor Dumbledore in Harry Potter, you have to help the hero accomplish something. Harry could not see his own potential. He needed a guide. Here’s the key. If you are not personally invested in your hero’s journey, then why would you expect anything from her in return?

That Calls the Hero to Action

You have to help your hero see the problem if you want to motivate them to seek a solution. This goes back to understanding your hero through and through. How do you communicate your action plan to your hero? Again, it’s so important to understand what motivates her. What are her fears, hopes, dreams and so on! A successful action plan will answer these questions for her in spades.

Which Ends in Success

Success in our case, of course, is raving fans! Once you discover your formula, lather, rinse and repeat!

Want to put all this info to action? We’d love to talk to you about who your hero is and how we can help you capture their attention! Email us today and we’ll be happy to chat!

*All of this information is completely accredited to Building A Story Brand, a book by Donald Miller. We highly recommend that you check it out! You can buy it here.