Welcome to the Steeplechase Collective Blog

New blog, who dis? 

We’ll get straight to the point: this blog is all about creating content for you. Our hope is to provide you with education, encouragement and honesty all while having a few laughs in between it all. Whether you’ve recently started your own business, are an OG entrepreneur, or planning your big day, we’ll be curating tips and tricks, giveaways, freebies and much more to help you and cheer you on along the way. All the subject matter will be based off of what has helped us, what we’ve failed at that we can help you avoid and what we know to be true on our side of business. We don’t claim to know everything, but we do believe that our years of knowledge, experience, failure and successes can help lead to the elevation of your brand.

She doesn’t even go here! 

So who are we? We’re Erica and Elliot. Just two blondes that were once working a dead end graphic design job, who happened to have the same rare breed of dog and then decided to start a business together. We’d both had side hustles of our own before, but knew that two are better than one. Here we are. Collectively, we have 20+ years experience in the design world- we even have the degrees and resumes to prove it. We were tired of working for the man and finally had the guts to go out on our own and we are oh so thankful for it!

But like, why?

Why, you ask? Because we love what we do and we see people struggling with it all the time. Branding is essential in business and we’re pretty stinkin’ good at it so why not share what we know? We would love to hitch our trailer to yours. In other words, community is important. We wouldn’t be where we are without the support and business advice of countless kind people who took the time to invest and hear about our passions. We just want to give back what we’ve been given. 

Should we trust you?

I mean, we think so. We’ll be providing ALL the things you’ll need to get started in branding (whether for your business or your big day) and how to use it to its fullest capacity. AND if you sign up for our newsletter you’ll be the first to know about big news, all the business insights and even receive monthly freebies designed by us that are exclusive to our newsletter readers! So we’ll pose the question… why not?

Thanks for following along! We’re looking forward to hearing from you- tell us what you’re most excited about and any topics you’d love to learn more about. Leave it in the comments below.